Peacefulness Unchanged in Seaford, NY

When you take a ride to the Seaford area you’ll notice something different about this sleepy little hamlet. The area of Seaford is and remains a peaceful community that’s spread out and sparsely inhabited in comparison to the surrounding areas. Much has happened in the history of this area to cause it to remain virtually unchanged over the time it’s had in existence. Take a visit with our team at www.franciscocortesny.com and make this a place you want to visit and enjoy on a regular basis.

Even today, the population of the Seaford area is only a little over 15,000 across the 2.6 square miles that make up this area. Many of the surrounding hamlets on Long Island have double the population in similarly sized regions which makes Seaford one of the quietest and most serene places you can visit in an area that’s mostly been heavily populated over the years. Take a quiet drive through Seaford and let the peaceful feeling of the area wash over you.


The peacefulness of Seaford does have much to do with its history and with the development that took place just north of this area. The original tribe that inhabited this area was the Ustase Indian tribe who named the area the “Great Water Land”. Captain John Seaman was the first European settler to arrive in the area. As a native of Seaford, East Sussex, England, Captain John obtained the patent for the area and created Jerusalem South which was the first name of the town that would eventually become Seaford. This area was also called Seaman’s Neck after the founder.

The creation of the Long Island Rail Road had much to do with the growth and development of Long Island in the nineteenth century, but it didn’t affect Jerusalem South as much as the rest. The planned route of the railroad avoided this area which was able to remain an agriculturally developed area instead of being littered with homes and developments. In 1868 the town was renamed to Seaford in honor of the place Captain John had come from when he left to come to the US. Eventually, this little town would gain some developments but was still mostly farmlands.

When the Sunrise Highway was built in 1929 Seaford started to see its first influx of inhabitants. The population before this highway was close to 1,200 but this number would triple over the next 25 years because of the ease of access to the highway. One of the developments that took place in the earlier days of the town included a post office, a church and a one-room school. This school would eventually be the location of the first Seaford Fire Department and is currently the home of the Seaford Historical Museum which would be an excellent place to visit for you and your family.

Things to Do

You’ll be able to take advantage of some of the things to do in the area that can give you fun and entertainment to celebrate an event with your family or for a great night out.

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Stay for the Peace

Seaford has one of the quietest atmospheres on Long Island and can be the best place for you to visit or bring your family to live. This is an area that wasn’t ravaged by those who were trying to escape the urban lifestyle as much as many of the other hamlets that surround it. You’ll love the ability to admire the fact that you can have the feeling of peace and calm in an area like Seaford. Come back and see our site at www.franciscocortesny.com and let us take you on a regular tour of different areas you’ll love in New York.